Is Catholic Faith relevant to today's headlines? If so, how is it relevant? What is the Catholic perspective? How do we explain the Catholic perspective on today's events to our friends, our neighbors, our relatives - our children?

If you are an adult Catholic who wants to know the Faith better, explain the Faith better, we can help.


Unlike other on-line or distance education coursework, the College of Athanasius uses the most effective means of transmitting the Faith - conversations with master teachers directing a small, close-knit group of students. Each week, the instructor provides the week's assignment - a short reading or audiotape, Scripture and Catechism references to study. Each student has two days to post their response to that week's question. The rest of the week is devoted to discussing the concept.

For less than the cost of a three-day conference, you can get build fellowship with like-minded Catholic adults and get six-weeks of adult instruction in the Faith. Instead of being a football field away from the speaker, you hold intimate conversations with a master catechist. Instead of having to sort things out yourself, you get close, continual guidance and conversations with others who are thinking about the same concepts. Instead of sitting in cold, hard conference chairs, you learn in the comfort of your own home. Are you interested?


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